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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  September 14, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the weekend looks good too. have that crescent moon in the eastern sky. a glow on the horizon a neat shot as we're looking east out of tysons corner this morning. our day planner calling for temps in the mid- to upper 70s by noon. we'll top out about 83 toward 3:00, 4:00. by 5:00 81 degrees. so we are looking like another good day across the region. not as pretty as it has been. we've got a few clouds out to the west that have been streaming in this morning. some showers near detroit approaching toledo, ohio andean -- ohio and indiana. 50s in the suburbs. ice lighted 40s during the shenandoah valley. a touch of fog up in frederick, quarter mile visibility. warrenton a half mile. leonardtown also a quarter mile visibility. tap hon knack half mile. -- tappahannock half mile. let's go to monika samtani. it started off so beautifully and ended at this point not very nice. if you're planning to head on the beltway, we're talking about a police chase that ended on the outer loop of the beltway just near route 1 in college park.
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this is what it left for you. let's take a live look right now from our sky 9. oh, it went to black. sorry about that. you want to know it's very, very heavy from new carrollton heading northbound on the beltway toward route 1 where the pace then improves. activity is gone. your lanes are actually open but it just is very, very tough getting by. let's go back over to the other side of town. no problems to report if you're planning to head on the northbound side of i-95 here in virginia. slow traffic in dale city toward woodbridge. then here route 644 to the beltway but at least your lanes are open. i'll be back with more at 6:11. >> thank you, monika. americans in the middle east and north africa are bracing for another round of protests today. it follows those deadly attacks in libya on tuesday. >> there are already protests going on this morning in egypt. if you look at your screen, you're going to see a live look from cairo. things have stayed mostly under control, at least so far. kristin fisher is live outside the state department with more
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on the investigation into what happened in libya. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. the big news this morning is libyan authorities say they have actually arrested four men in connection with the attack that killed our u.s. ambassador to libya and three other americans. also u.s. officials are now saying that they do believe that was a coordinated attack likely led by a terrorist group with links to al qaeda. as f.b.i. agents and other investigators continue to sift through all of the evidence, evidence is mounting that this was a precisely typed raid carried -- timed raid carried out by heavily armed militants. the militants attacked what was thought to be a secret safehouse right as libyan and security forces were arriving at the consulate to rescue the staff that was being evacuated. eastern libya's interior minister believes the militants were tipped off to the location by infiltrators within the consulate security force. the same minister also saying
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the militants were likely using the civilians protesting that anti-islam film as a cover for their attack. yesterday secretary of state hillary clinton made it very clear that the u.s. government had nothing to do with the video that prompted these protests all over the middle east. >> to us, to me personally, this video is disgusting and reprehensible. it appears to have a deeply cynical purpose to denigrate a great religion and to provoke rage. >> reporter: that rage over the video continued today in egypt. protesters rallied for a third straight night right near the u.s. embassy in cairo. yesterday the protests expanded to yemen, iran and iraq and now all u.s. diplomatic missions are on high alert. jessica, andrea? >> that was kristin fisher reporting live from outside the state department this morning.
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how did a youtube video no one really saw lead to all this violence? join meeting this morning is a professor with american university. she's just back from living in cairo for two years. professor, thank you very much for being here with us. >> thank you. >> everyone has said there is no excuse for violence no matter what this film was about. but you've seen clips from the film. it's now been pulled off of youtube, especially in the middle eastern countries. is it so inflammatory to explain this murderous havoc we're seeing right now? >> well, yes, as you stated i watched the film. it was considered to be very, very offensive to the prophet muhammad. for those who know about the religion of islam, they're very devout if their love for the prophet muhammad. there's no excuse for violence and peaceful protest is the goal in the middle east.
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but it's a very sensitive issue when dealing with the prophet muhammad. i watched the film and the film was considered to be very denigrating to the character of the prophet muhammad depicting him as a pedophile, as a womanizer, as a criminal. so the film was dubbed in arabic and then put on facebook and youtube of course and spread throughout the middle east as a result of this social media. >> the question is the film really the reason for this violence? or is it just a terror group using it as cover to do what they had already planned to do, whether it was 9/11 or whatever? again, it's spreading all over the muslim world. you were in egypt. did you get a sense that anti- american sentiment was running as high as what we're seeing now? >> well, i was able to experience the different transitions that egypt society
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is currently experiencing. when i was -- particularly in january, if you recall the detaining of 19 westerners in egypt, putting them on a travel ban, a majority of them being americans and attack on human rights, american organizations connected with the human rights which brought senator mccain there to try to negotiate a diplomatic solution to releasing the americans. at that time there was some anti-american sentiment in january and february. but that had died down. there was a new era. there were warm relations with the unction -- the united states. >> we have just very little time. the president was there in 2009 offering a speech to the muslim world. what happened to the good sentiment and in your analysis what should the u.s. do in order to go forward?
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>> well, i was able-- >> in the arab world, the muslim world to go forward, not just the u.s.? >> the egyptian people when they -- after the revolution and the removal of mubarak, they were very optimistic in terms of new relations and a new era with the united states. i experienced very warm welcoming feeling throughout the middle east among egyptians and lian refugees i spent time with living in cairo. they were very fond and appreciative of america's support of the revolution. so the small few islamic extremists in libya and the small few extremists in egypt who are portraying an image of violence in the middle east, they are not the majority. they are the minority. >> professor, thank you very much for being here with us. >> thank you. >> you're welcome.
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jessica? >> thanks, andrea. it's 76:07. -- it's 6:07. police are looking for any clues in the murder of amber stanley. stanley was the 17-year-old high school senior killed in her own bedroom last month. she had hopes of going to harvard. in the last few days police have admitted they have no leads in her death and they hope meeting with the people in the community will help. police also have no idea who killed 18-year-old marckel ross, another prince george's county high school student. police do not say or do say, rather, that these murders are not related. there will be a memorial service for ross this afternoon at central high school. that's where he was a junior. last night friends held a candlelight vigil for ross and they remembered him as a person full of life. >> he just had a great personality that you loved. he always joked around, danced. he always had a smile on his face. >> he was so sweet. he didn't want to hurt anybody. >> can you imagine anybody wanting to kill him?
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>> no. >> police were at central high school back-to-school night. they urged anyone with information in this case to come forward. an atheist group says the peace cross in prince george's county needs to come down. it claims the landmark violates the separation of church and state. the 40-foot tall cross sits at the intersection of route 1 and 450 in bladensburg. it honors local soldiers who were killed in world war i. the american humanist association says there's nothing on this cross which indicates it's a war memorial and says it does not represent non-christian soldiers. veterans groups say they're going to fight to keep the monument in place. our time 16:09. in four -- is 6:09. in four minutes the fed announces a new stimulus plan but will it really help the economy and create new jobs? >> our streak of beautiful days rolls on. straight ahead, howard has our forecast. learn when some rain could be moving in. heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message.
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i'm meteorologist howard bernstein with your weather first on this fine friday morning. touch of clouds early but sunshine. a few more clouds as we get into the afternoon. a warm day, nice, 77 for lunch time with highs between 8 on
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and 85. -- 80 and 85. i'll be back with the weekend forecast in just a few minutes. for those who travel into woodbridge, you'll want to lynn up. a major accident on the northbound side of i-95 approaching the prince william parkway. three vehicles involved and a medevac helicopter has been requested. right now only the right lane is getting through. more on this coming up in my next report at 6:18. jessica and an -- and andrea grz wall street likes the news about a new federal plan. >> the dow jumped 207 points thursday. it begins today at its highest level in nearly five years. >> but will the feds' plan actually work. >> reporter: it's the first time the federal reserve has committed to boost the economy every month and keep interest rates low until unemployment goes down. fed chairman ben bernanke said the economic recovery, especially in the u.s. job market is stock. >> this is a main street policy because what we're about here is trying to get jobs going.
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we're trying to create more employment. >> reporter: specifically the fed will buy $40 billion worth of mortgage bonds every month. the idea being to drive mortgage rates even lower than their historic lows now. bernanke says if it works, the plan should increase home buying, help the stock market, and drive up consumer spending. >> if people feel that their financial situation is better because their 401(k) looks better, forever reason, their house is worth more, they're more willing to go out and spend and that will demand the firms need in order to hire and invest. >> reporter: while wall street loved the announcements, the feds open ended commitment to keep interest rates low has a downside. it could hurt retirees on fixed incomes. republican nominee mitt romney who's already promised to fire ben bernanke called the feds' intervention confirmation that president obama's policies have not worked. we should be creating wealth romney said in a statement, not
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printing dollars. republicans also fear that bernanke may have timed this effort to increase highing as -- hiring as an election-year gift to the president. bernanke rejected that notion saying the timing was related to a clearly stag significant economy, not politics. >> the fed might not be done yet. bernanke left open the possibility the fed could take more steps to encourage borrowing and financial risk taking. it is 6:15. howard is here with another stellar forecast. >> it's going to be a great weekend. bluemont has their big fair going on. the mystics have their big game sunday. >> against liberty. >> let's talk weather. we have a nice morning out there now once again. a great week. will finish great. and even right through the weekend we'll keep some nice weather around. your bus stop forecast, a couple of patches of fog. that's about the big issue this morning. otherwise partly cloudy, a mix of sun and clouds out there.
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well, sun in half an hour. right now a mix of stars and clouds and a glow in the sky from the pending sunrise. 50s and 60s are the temperatures currently. we will be climbing in d.c. to 66 by 8:00. by noon 77. so another nice lunch hour expected. 82 at 4:00. high today 83. so either side of 4:00 p.m. and then at 8:00 still going to be outside, clouds, some breaks, 75 degrees. sunset only about 7:15 now. fog a problem up in frederick, half mile visibility. same in warrenton. in leonardtown we're sitting at three-quarters and the tappahannock airport back to one half mile. other areas could be a few patches of fog but those are where we have the reporting stations. your temperatures running in the 50s and mid-60s in town although culpeper has dipped to 48 degrees along with harrisonburg. we've got 54 in cumberland and winchester and richmond sitting at a mild 62. look at the sky. what a great sky we've got on our michael & son weather cam. got the beautiful colors. this is the crescent moon right
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here above it. yeah, good looking morning out there. our temperature 65. calm winds. humidity at 81% and the dew points are creeping up. got southerly flow so the humidity is increasing just a bit. that's one reason we have the fog this morning. i don't think we'll have fog tomorrow morning due to this front coming toward detroit and indianapolis and st. louis. this front is going to be coming through us tonight. you see the showers there but as i show you the future cast, while we're quiet through lunch hour and this afternoon, pittsburgh may see a shower before the end ever the day. watch where -- of the day. watch where the showers are. they generally stay north of us as the front comes through tonight and tomorrow morning. tomorrow behind the front we sit with sunshine and a little bit of a breeze. a good looking weekend nonetheless. 83 today, pretty nice. a couple of clouds mixing in with the sunshine. tonight how about 63 for d.c. mid-50s north and west, breezy, though. we won't have the fog. stray shower north. 78 tomorrow with the breeze. sunday 78 with a few more clouds, especially in the afternoon. then next week rain chances go
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up. we need the rain. we'll get some. showers monday, maybe more tuesday with highs in the 70s. cooler wednesday, temperature 72. 6:17. we have to check with monika samtani. things are going from bad to worse. i tell you what. one thing clears and the other one starts. this time it's in virginia on the northbound side of i-95 before the prince william parkway. it's a motorcycle, a tractor- trailer, and a vehicle. another car involved northbound side right here as you approach woodbridge. in fact, we'll go to our traffic land camera and tell what's going on. lots of activity. only the right side of the road getting by on the northbound side of i-95 right here before the prince william parkway. they said they were calling for a medevac helicopter. that has not been -- we don't know if that's true right now but in the meantime you've got a lot of slow traffic on the northbound side of i-95 trying to get through the woodbridge area. let's go back over to the other side of town. accident activity northbound on 95 is in woodbridge.
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then in springfield things look great. no problems from 644 to the beltway. a last live look in prince george's county. there had been police activity here on the outer loop before route 1. you can see the lanes are open. things are great. you still have a bit of a backup toward this point. then beyond it from 95 to university boulevard. i'll keep you posted on that situation in woodbridge as well again at 6:25. back to you guys. it is 6:19. congratulations this morning to adrian walker. she's the winner of thursday's question of the morning gas card giveaway. >> through next friday, we're going to randomly select one facebook friend who posts the correct answer to our question of the morning. and you will get this, a $50 exxon-mobil gift card. >> let's get to the question of this morning so you can win. 78% of people under the age of 18 have never used which of these things? is it a, a lawnmower, b, a typewriter or c, an answering machine. >> facebook friend eric says it's b, a typewriter. he says i'm sure there are many people above that age who
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haven't used one either. >> keep those guesses coming. find out if you're correct at 6:48.
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welcome back. your weather first. about 6:23 on this friday morning. it's a good looking morning. a couple patches of fog we have to worry about but otherwise a mix of clouds and sun and another nice day. been a great week. we're going to finish strong. our day planner calling for temperatures to rise into the mid if not upper 70s by lunch time. high today about 83. south winds 5 to 10 and even at 6:00 we're still holding at 80. over to you. in sports redskins fans are ready for sunday. that's when the skins face the rams. >> if you think the pass few years have been bad, st. louis has a 12-52 record over the last four years. >> but two of those 12 wins have come against the redskins. the rams have new head coach jeff particularrer but the skins -- jeff fisher but the skins say they are already. >> you can already tell that
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football team is playing extremely well. a lot of new players but the energy is there. they're playing extremely hard. >> you can tell the difference in the ball club this year. seems like they play a lot harder, harder football. it will be a tough game. >> there's football every thursday this year. last night the packers hosted the bears. aaron rogers through 219 yards, had one touchdown pass for green bay while the packers intercepted their quarterback jay cutler four times. packers win it 24-10. both teams are 1-1. >> man, it sounds so good to say this. the nationals can pretty up sew up the division title with a good weekend. they begin a three-game series with the braves tonight. the nats have an eight and a half game lead over the braves in the nl east. first pitch tonight 7:35. the nhl looks like it's headed towards its second lockout in eight years.
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the owners agreed yesterday to support a lockout because they just can't agree with the players union on the new labor deal. the deadline to reach a deal is saturday night. it is 6:25. coming up in about 20 minutes, learn all about women who rock. we'll check out a new musical exhibit here in town. >> also ahead, keeping you safe on metro. how far the transit agency has come since the deadly crash in 2009. >> right now monika is keeping an eye on your commute, especially this incident right here. >> that's right. this one is in woodbridge, andrea, northbound i-95 before the prince william parkway. three-vehicle accident. we did hear the medevac helicopter was called to the scene as well. expect delays of course getting by. i'll have more on this coming up in my next report. you're watching 9news now.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now n. is always the place to get your weather first. this is a live look at the washington uponment. 65 degrees -- monument. 65 degrees out there this morning. another beautiful day on tap. >> and a beautiful week. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm jessica doyle. i'm andrea roane. mike hydeck is off today. meteorologist howard bernstein is working hard and loving his work today live on the weather terrace with our forecast. >> we've had a nice break this week. it's been a quiet weather week and gorgeous weather week. we'll keep it going right
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through the weekend and next week we'll introduce some rain back to the region. looking at our day planner on this friday morning, sun just a few minutes away from coming up. we're looking in order out of northwest d.c. toward friendship heights in bethesda. 77 at noon. 5:00 p.m. temperature 81. the high today about 83 degrees. moderate air quality. a few clouds have been coming in from the west overnight. these are high thin clouds. should be a very pretty sunrise here. we're already seeing nice color in the eastern sky. 52 manassas. culpeper 48. gaithersburg is 55 and 63 at the naval academy with a touch of fog. visibilities a half mile in leonardtown. got a little bit in warrenton. here's monika samtani with your morning commute. we've been telling but this accident on i-95. three vehicles, a motorcycle, tractor-trailer and sedan. we'll take a live look where
6:31 am
you see that a tow truck arrived at the scene. i believe a medevac helicopter was called as well. it may have landed nearby, not affecting 95 but you've only got the right side of the road getting by. it's very slow getting by northbound i-95 approaching the prince william parkway. once beyond that you are clear all the way to spring field. let's go back over to our maps this time southbound 270. i'm happy to say although it's slow, it's not as slow as usual at this time of the morning. in fact let's take a live look from our mdot camera. usually it's bunched up all the way from frederick down past this point to 121. this time it's just off and on delays. so i think we can handle that. let's take a look at traffic again at 6:43. back to you guys. american diplomatic missions around the world are on guard this morning. they're bracing for violent protests, especially in the middle east. >> our partners at cbs this morning are tracking this. we're joined by nora o'donnell here in northwest this morning.
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good morning to you. >> good morning. we're going to take you to egypt where holly williams is monitoring the call for massive anti-american protests today across the muslim world. crowds are expected to grow after friday prayers. and charlie d ap agata just talked to the leader of libya's government. elbaradei' have new information about what unfolded so we'll see you right at 7:00 with all the new information. >> norah, thank you. the state department here in washington is keeping a close eye on things in the middle east. >> kristin fisher is there live with the latest developments. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. people here at the state department very concerned about their colleagues overseas this morning. all u.s. diplomatic missions overseas have been placed on high alert as these protests across the middle east continue to spread and now enter their fourth day. in egypt, take a look at this video. this is fires, small explosions
6:33 am
lighting up the streets of cairo right near the u.s. embassy. president obama has told egypt's islamic president that egypt needs to be better protected and the protests have expanded from egypt and libya to yemen, iran and iraq. they're protesting the anti- islam youtube video. evidence is mounting that the militants who attacked the u.s. consulate in libya were using those protests as cover for their attack. four people have now been arrested in connection with that attack. locals who live next door in the benghazi neighborhood say they're sorry. >> what happened here is not representing the libyans, especially not representing our islam. we're not like that. >> we feel shame. we feel shame for what happened. they were here to help us. they helped us and they were helping us and we really need this help. >> reporter: last night a british newspaper, the independent, reported that 48 hours before the attack, the
6:34 am
state department had, quote, credible information about possible attacks and ignored it. but the obama administration has flatly denied the accusation and a spokeswoman for the director of national intelligence called it absolutely wrong. she said, quote, we were not aware of any actionable intelligence that an attack on the u.s. mission in benghazi was either planned or imminent. as you heard norah o'donnell say, thee protests across -- these protests across the middle east expected to grow and spread after the friday morning prayers. back to you. >> kristin fisher with the live update from outside the state department this morning. we're now hearing from an actress involved in the youtube movie which sparked the protests. she received $500 for her work and said the movie's creator never told her it was about islam. the woman believed he lied about the film's content. >> i think it's very unfair. i'm have sorry for that man and his family and everybody else
6:35 am
that was hurt. >> the actress asked not to have her name made public. she apologized for the muslims offended by the film and would not have made it if she knew what it was really about. justin wolfe could walk away a free man later this morning after spending 11 years on death row. a federal judge overturned the conviction and death sentence after he discovered prosecutors allowed false testimony. wolfe was a marijuana dealer in prince william county n. 2002, a jury found him guilty of hiring someone to kill his drug supplier. on two occasions prison authorities called wolfe's mother to give her the dates for his execution. >> it was just a very sick feeling that, wow this is the day they say they're going to take my son's life and you feel so helpless. how can i stop this? what can i do? >> justin spent the 11 years in solitary confinement on death row. this morning his attorney plans to -- his attorneys plan to ask a judge to release him as soon
6:36 am
as possible. the time right now is 6:35. we have a commuter alert keeping you safe on metro. the faulty electronic system blamed for the deadly 2009 red line collision has been fixed. it's one of five safety improvements recommended by the n.t.s.b. which metro has checked off its list. scott broom reports on what this means for riders. >> reporter: on manual train controls, riders have grown used to sometimes herky-jerky starts and stops on the metro system. >> it's getting to be a headache. >> reporter: but in a sign of progress, the national transportation safety board has checked off a major item on metro's list as it continues to recover from tragedy. the core electronics that make up metro's train detection system are now fixed according to the n.t.s.b. it was the failure of that system to detect a train ahead at fort totten that caused the rear end collision on the red line that killed nine and
6:37 am
shocked ntsb's investigators at how poorly the system was maintained, monitored and run. the metro general manager richard sarles is now in charge. >> it's good news because we have a significant step toward automatic train operation again and it's a significant improvement in the safety of this system. >> it makes me feel safer. >> reporter: some riders consider this good news. others are skeptics. >> as much as they charge us and as many times as they give us a rate increase, everything should be working. >> reporter: as for the herky- jerky rides on manual controls for the last three years, metro says there is much more testing to be done before putting the system back on automatic and no estimate of when but checking off this major safety item is clearly a sign of progress. scott broom, 9news now. >> as part of metro's safety improvement, there is track work going on this weekend. starting tonight and going through sunday. there will be no service on the
6:38 am
green line between greenbelt and college park. shuttle buses will get you past the work but you'll need to tack on 20 minutes to your travel time. there will also be single tracking on the red, blue and orange lines this weekend. our time 16:38. in -- is 6:38. we'll go live to the national museum of women and the arts. >> we're talking girl power and the museum's new exhibit? women who rock. . >> nationals park will be packed for a man who rocks bruce springsteen. with temperatures falling into the 60s and the rain has hold off. howard will have the forecast up next. energy bill down to size?
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timesaver traffic. monika here at 6:42 and 65
6:43 am
degrees. boy, have we got troubles on i- 95 where there's been a three- vehicle accident for quite some time now approaching the prince william parkway. let's go there live and show you the activity. it's a close-up otto truck that's been on the scene -- of the tow truck that's been on the scene for a while. i believe only one lane is open on the southbound side as well. so a really tough situation on the southern side of i-95 this morning. let's go over to springfield on the northbound side of i-95. at least this is normal from route 644 heading for 395. you're going to be okay. just below the speed limit here. no big deals. we'll go back over to our maps, this time to the north side of town where there are no issues coming out of rockville, aspen hill, burtonsville. the beltway outer loop side slow from 95 to silver spring. a live look outside here on the beltway near river road
6:44 am
approaching the american legion bridge. you're going to be just final. i'll be back with more at 6:58. >> thank you very much. we all have our causes doing a twilight help walk this saturday. links around the metro area getting together. everybody is invited out to hanes point. we're hoping for great weather. >> you're going to have great weather. it will be a little bit breezy in spots but the weather will be fine for that. the bluemont fair is going on this weekend. lots of stuff going o. maybe you just want to tackle the yard, too. it's been a great week and we can get it going for three more days here, friday, saturday and sunday and we'll have to pay the price a little bit early next week. here's a look at the bus stop forecast. we start with a good note. partly cloudy sunny, 50s in a few spots. sun coming up in just a few minutes. by lunch time we'll be 77 degrees. 74 at 11:00. 79 at 1:00. so pretty nice midday if you want to eat lunch outside once again. i say go for it. we'll get into the afternoon,
6:45 am
82 by 3:00. by 5:00 81 degrees. forecast high 83 but look, just sun and clouds all day long. little fog as i said up in frederick, quarter mile visibility. leonardtown half mile. tappahannock also a quarter mime. we're down to one in warrenton. in cumberland even a little fog. so patchy fog especially west of d.c. temperatures this morning even in northern loudoun county with upper 40s, that wouldn't surprise me if you had a little fog as well. reston, sterling at 52 degrees with 54 at fort belvoir and also in baden and in crofton this morning we've got 54. outside on our michael & son weather camera, a cool looking sky looking toward the west in tysons corner this morning. it is a pretty morning out there. current temperature 65 at reagan national with calm winds and a relative humidity stands at 81%. so a little muggier than it has been. there's a front out to the west coming toward detroit. this line of showers showing you where the front is. that front will be coming across our region tonight. even though there are showers with it this morning, those
6:46 am
showers are going to stay mainly north of us. lunch time looks good. stray shower possible down toward norfolk this afternoon. as the front comes across the region tonight, watch the showers rain themselves out in the mountains and stay north of us. this front will come through mainly dry and give us a good weekend before rain returns early next week. today 83 degrees. a nice day. tonight we'll be down about 63 in washington. mid-50s but the winds kicking up out of the northwest behind that front. mid-50s north and west of town. tomorrow and sunday in the upper 70s although you'll notice sunday a few more clouds. more breeze saturday. more clouds sunday but it's going to be a nice weekend. then early next week here comes some showers on monday, 76. maybe even a better chance for showers and 78 on tuesday. cooler by wednesday with a life 72. jessica? >> thank you, howard. the time right now is 6:46. the history of women and popular music goes back nearly a century to women like betsy smith and goes to women today like lady gaga and carrie
6:47 am
underwood. a new exhibit at the national museum of women in the arts chronicles these women who rock. curator katherine watt joins us live this morning. katherine, thank you so much for joining us. i want to ask you what's your favorite thing in the exhibit but i know that's unfair. i do know you have lots of memorabilia lined up. for example, some papers, some documents. let's start there. tell us about some of your favorites among those things. >> it's like picking a favorite child. with over 250 artifacts included in women who rock which tells the story of women's tremendous impact on popular music, rock music and contemporary culture, it's hard to pick a favorite. but if i had to, i think i would choose wanda jackson, the queen of rock and saddle shoes which take me back to third grade but i think they're emblematic of her tremendous talent what i find fascinating about the artifacts you selected for this you really tell the story how women's innovations in the music business predated the
6:48 am
innovations that men get credited for. tell us a little bit about that. >> that's right. certainly male entertainers and mao sicks were, for example, blues men were traveling the music circuit in america in the 1920's. but women like betsy smith were the first people to record temporary music, to record blues music which feeds into the development of rock 'n' roll. so this exhibition shows that women were driving forces for popular music early on and it brings music all the way up to the present, to the present day where women are really shaping this particular industry. >> how do women today, women like lady gaga, women like britney spears, some of the big names that jump to your head, how are they shaping the music industry now a days? >> we were just talking among the staff this morning about the fact that lady gaga is unveiling her new perfume. she's -- so many of the women
6:49 am
in this exhibition are fashion designers. they certainly impact fashion with the costumes that she wear. the show includes a lot of costumes. certainly being a performing artist involves a certain look and developing a certain look. but it has many musical instruments, handwritten lyrics, music, journals, the things that tell the story of these week's lives and careers a make them come alive. >> this is at the national museum of women in the arts and this goes through january 6. thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> pleasure being here. thanks a lot. >> looking forward to seeing that exhibit absolutely. it's 6:49. we want to get the answer to our question of the morning. the question was 78% of children have never used which of these things? is it a, a lawnmower, b, a typewriter or c, an answering machine? >> the answer is a, a lawnmower. >> how about that? i wonder if howard's son uses the lawnmower.
6:50 am
we have a check of the news before you go up next.
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welcome back. 6:53. your weather first. another nice day. a few more clouds than we've seen the last couple of days. we'll have a mix of clouds and sunshine. high 82. looks like good weather right through the weekend. today is friday, september 14. here's a check on the news before you go. later this morning, prince george's county police will pass out flyers in the kettering neighborhood where 17- year-old amber stanley was murdered. right now police have no leads. amber was shot and killed in her home last month. it's day two of maryland's
6:54 am
public service commission hearings into the widespread power outages during june's derecho. yesterday power companies officials explained that it's virtually impossible to restore power to every customer within 24 hours of a storm that violent. today begins a four-day commemoration of the battle of antietam. it happened in 1862 in sharpsburg, maryland. it wassed bloodiest single day of -- it was the bloodiest single day of the civil war. it paved the way for the emancipation proclamation. cbs this morning begins at the top of the hour. hollywood star susan sarandon and river charred gere -- richard gere stop by studio 57 with a look at their new movie. we'll get one more check on traffic and weather right here on 9news now. hi there.
6:55 am
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tell. a couple more things to tell you of about. the mystics game this sunday, a fund-raiser. if you want more information, 855-my-inova sts phone number to call. the auction will be great after the game. you had something about iphones? >> yes. today is the day that you can preorder the iphone 5 and the expectation is they're going to go like hot cakes. if you want one-- >> they may sell out. >> they may sell out. you may want to go for or go to your service provider and check it out. >> tweets about that. people are excited. weather wise should be excited about the next few days. we've had some great weather. another good day today, 83. upper 70s over the weekend. breezy saturday. more cloudiness on sunday but then the showers and rain returns monday into tuesday. we finally are going to get some much needed rain but it's
6:59 am
been a nice stretch of weather. monika? nothing that exciting about the traffic this morning except it's friday. first of all there was an accident northbound 95 near the prince william parkway causing delays. another one now southbound 95 approaching dumfries. let's go to 270 where it's just the slow traffic on the outer loop leaving 95 toward university boulevard where the pace looks like it's improving. as for wall street, we're waiting for some new economic data. of course it probably won't overshadow the feds' decision yesterday. >> cbs this morning is next with the latest from libya and a look at a final battalion of marines being deployed to afghanistan. howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. >> keep us with the news and weather on we'll see you monday morning at 4:25. have a wonderful weekend.


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